VintageTTS, as our new adventure in the world of the internet, is getting bigger every day. New material is coming every week to supply the drop system we are doing.

Our first step was to be on the biggest streetwear event in Spain, which was Scrapworld, and we create a Stad with a unique style that represents our style.

VintageTTS on Scrapworld

The Next step was to create different designs for the Stickers and Cards for the brand. We create a style inspired by the Anime and Japanese stylism that represent the beginning of our brand, a trip to Tokyo.

VintageTTS Stickers

And the last improvement was to create a website, which is already working and you can enter and buy from there.

You can access the new webpage with this LINK, and if you came from this page, you will have a 5% discount with code «SNEAKERSDELICIOUS» for order over 100€

To keep in touch with news more, follow us on Instagram @vintagetts

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